Friday, April 14, 2006

Bad News Bonds

Is it just me, or is Barry Bonds getting more pathetic be the day? First, he's dodging syringes on the field, then he's crying on ESPN...Now he's under investigation for lying to the grand jury back in 2003. He actually stood before the grand jury and said that he never "knowingly used steriods." Huh. I imagine the conversation went like this:
Bonds/cheat/liar/drug user: "Hey, trainer, what's this mystery substance that you're giving me that makes me bigger, stronger and a total asshole?"
Trainer/drug-dealer: "Don't ask, Barry, don't ask."
Although the government will probably never be able to prove that he lied, I think baseball fans can decide for themselves. To mention his name in the same sentence as Babe Ruth and Henry Aaron is a disgrace. Major League Baseball should be ashamed of the way it has handled this entire situation.


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