Sunday, May 21, 2006

The House Gets One Right (Whew!)

Last week, the House (finally) acted to restrict demonstrations at military funerals. The move was aimed, in part, at a Kansas "church group," which would attend the funerals and spout anti-gay rhetoric, carry signs and verbally abuse the families of the slain soldiers. The group insists that military deaths are a punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuals. And in the "you-gotta-love-it" category, a group known as "The Patriot Guard Riders" began attending the funerals as well, acting as a buffer between the military families and the (assholes) protesters. Gotta love those bikers.

But this one's a no-brainer. The next time a Ranger, or SEAL, or Green Beanie is buried, and these (assholes) protesters show up, let's just turn our backs, cover our eyes and count to ten. The teammates of the lost trooper will do the rest.


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