Tuesday, May 16, 2006

President To Close Borders...Or Not

President Bush announced last night that he will send 5,000 National Guard troops to assist the Border Patrol in stemming the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. Talk about a complete waste of time, effort and money! This "plan" is set up to fail. It seems to me it's like using a bandaid to staunch the flow of blood after a Florida gator takes a few bites.

Consider this: the troops will be unarmed, have no powers of arrest, and will not detain aliens. They can, however, stand and point. And anyone who has served in the military knows that for a force of 5,000, only a limited number will actually be in the field. Included in that 5,000 are cooks to feed the troops, mail clerks, pay and personnel specialists, TOC's (Tactical Operations Center), communications specialists, engineers, vehicle maintenance and command staffs. How many of 5,000 does that leave? Then, put into, say, three shifts seven days a week, minus sick call, injuries, leave, training and unit shortages, how many troops will actually be on the border at any given hour? And how big is the border again? And, when these troopers find aliens, they still have to get the Border Patrol to respond, which is a major part of the problem anyway: there aren't enough to effectively do the job!

On the other hand, the Mexican military and police, who are heavily involved in drug (and people) smuggling are armed, and have no qualms about shooting at our people! This is the same problem we had in Iraq: we'll send enough to mess things up completely but not enough to be do the job effectively. The Bush administration still hasn't learned anything, folks! This is their attempt at appeasement, nothing more. And all the rhetoric about a path to citizenship amounts to one word: AMNESTY! Amnesty, which 80% of Americans oppose. Amnesty, which Pres. Reagan tried in 1986, failing miserably. Amnesty, which will lead to even more illegal immigration.

When will our Government get the message? Close the borders, immediately and effectively, and stop the flood. Then, and only then, we can decide what to do with those illegals already here.


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