Friday, May 26, 2006

MSM Flubs It Again

A false alarm lead to the closing of a House office building for hours Friday, after Rep. Jim Saxton reported hearing gunfire. Capitol Police and the FBI searched and found nothing, leaving the source of the sounds a mystery.

But the real story here is how the mainstream media handled the event. I happened to be watching the much-vaunted Fox News, and they stayed with the coverage for hours, even when there was nothing to report. Then the "experts" chimed in. In the span of an hour, CT "professionals" had explained all of the security procedures to the building, and the underground parking garages, on live television. They then outlined the procedures that the SWAT teams would be following as they conducted searches, and how they would use "codewords" when clearing civilians from the building. Amazing.

When a Capitol Hill PIO made attempts at a impromptu press conference, she was screamed at by dozens of reporters, shouting over each other, who barely listened to her responses. They dared her to deny "eyewitness reports" of a shooting/suspect that never even existed. Later, one reporter complained that he "had to do his job!" and the cops weren't helping matters.

Of course, this is nothing new. The arrogance of the mainstream, 24 hour-a-day-coverage news channels is incedible. They have a complete lack of journalistic integrity and no apparent interest in the truth. They simply want to get something, anything, on the air before their counterparts at the Clinton News Network. Since the big TV news stations went to 24 hour a day coverage, they are desperate for stories to fill their air time. The casualty, of course, is the truth.

The news media claims to be the "watchdog" of the police, the military, big business and the government...but who watches over them? Their reporters skulk around, digging for that one "confidential" tip or piece of information that they can drop on live television, without a care for that Infantry trooper or intel operative out there in the boonies, risking his/her butt. We, as consumers, have to be selective in choosing our news sources. Let's demand that they get it right.


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