Wednesday, June 28, 2006

PFCs. Menchaca and Tucker Funerals

Army PFC. Kristian Menchaca, who was kidnapped, tortured, murdered, then booby-trapped in Iraq last week, was laid to rest in Texas today (The Brownsville Herald story). It seems the nutjobs from the Kansas based Westboro Baptist Church planned to attend in protest of the Iraq war, homosexuals and God's hatred for everyone but them. Also in attendance were the Patriot Guard Riders whose mission is to, upon invitation, try to shield the mourning family and friends from the aforementioned nutjobs and scumbags, while showing their support for the fallen servicemember.

Members from the famous 101st Airborne paid their respects, as did local law enforcement, firefighters, and the Border Patrol, which Menchaca had hoped to join after his service in the Army. Many members of the local community came out to line the funeral procession route, as well. PFC. Thomas Tucker, who was kidnapped with Menchaca, was buried over the weekend in Oregon.

Rest in peace, brothers. You've earned it.


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