Saturday, July 08, 2006

Deb Frisch Meets The Bloggers

Having a PhD. in Psychology and teaching at the University of Arizona's Psychology Department sounds impressive, doesn't it? And you would think that such a person would be intelligent, fair-minded, even-tempered and knowledgeable about, well, Psychology. Not so fast!

Prof. Deb Frisch, of the above-mentioned Arizona University, recently took on a blogger she disagreed with, Jeff Goldstein. Her initial tirade directed at Jeff is nothing less than sick and psychopathic and it got worse from there (see Blogs of War post here). Then Froggy at BLACKFIVE, as well as several other MilBloggers, got involved. Now, poor Deb had been forced to resign from the University and slither off into the mulch to join Ward Churchill. She almost apologizes here but still seems to blame Goldstein for the whole thing.

She, of course, deserves everything she gets. To threaten the two-year-old child of another blogger, simply because you disagree, is the lowest form of filth. And we'll have to see if any criminal charges follow.

We'll keep an eye out for ole Deb, and see where she turns up next. Happy job hunting, Deb!


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