Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Friendly Fire Incident

Pvt. Justin Davis, 19, of the Army's 10th Mountain Division, was killed on June 25th in the eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan by indirect fire, and now his loss is being investigated as a possible friendly fire incident. The Army reported earlier this year that friendly fire deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan total some seventeen losses in eleven separate incidents, the most notable of which was Army Ranger Pat Tillman, whose death is still under investigation.

Cindy Sheehan take note: Paula Davis, Pvt. Davis' mother, told The Frederick News- Post the following: "We are holding up pretty well. He was passionate about joining the service. He would always say, 'This is my dream. I am going to follow it' ... He died doing what he loved. It was a calling," she said. "It was a life that fit him."

Fittingly, Pvt. Davis will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery on July 10th with full military honors. Home at last.

The Frederick News-Post Story


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