Sunday, July 09, 2006

More Proof We'll Win In Iraq

Army Spc. Justin W. Johnson, 22, from Rome, Georgia, was killed in Iraq on April 10th when his vehicle hit an IED. He had been in Iraq for twelve days. A highway interchange in Georgia was recenly named in his honor.

His father, Cpl. Joe Johnson, 48, of the Georgia National Guard, had initially planned to go to Iraq at the same time as his son, but a training accident two months earlier had prevented him from deploying. After learning of the loss, Cpl. Johnson volunteered to go to Iraq, intending to avenge his son's death. But when the elder Johnson got to Taji, Iraq, his point of view changed. He was deeply affected by the friendliness of the Iraqi people, especially the children, and the complete poverty in which they lived.

"I believe the Lord changed my heart because I do have a heart for the children," Johnson said after his son's funeral. "The kids changed me. I still had hate in my heart for Muslim people, for the insurgents, but the Lord changed me."

The elder Johnson, who had previously served in the Army and Navy and done missionary work in Central and South America, openly spoke of the joy he felt when he delivered candy and school supplies to Iraqi children.

"In a lot of the areas we went into, we weren't rebuilding the country, we were starting from scratch," he said. He also noted that the Iraqi people, by and large, were always happy to see American troops.

Another one of Johnson's son's is in the Army Special Forces, currently awaiting orders.

With troops like this, how could we possibly lose?


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