Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Memorial for Flight 93?

On September 11th, a day I hope that none of us ever forget, Flight 93 crashed in a Pennsylvania field, killing all onboard. It seems obvious to me that at least some of the passengers on that plane resisted the hijacking and ultimately caused the plane to crash, rather than flying into its intended target in Washington, D.C. Family members of those that died on the flight now want federal funds to build a memorial where the plane crashed....totaling more than $5 million dollars!

Some of the families of those that were killed on 9-11 have received compensation and benefits in the million dollar range, and memorials are in the works for those that died in New York and Washington, D.C., that day. While no one can deny the heroism and sacrifice of the police officers, firefighters and military personnel that died as a result of the terrorist attacks, everyone else was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. As tragic as that day was, most died simply because they showed up to work.

But where are the million dollar packages for the families of the servicemen/women that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan? They raised their hands, took an oath and voluntarily stepped into harms way to protect their country, their families and each other. Yet, those they leave behind get a package in the $100,000 range. Quite a distance from the million plus that some have gotten for sitting in an office on the 123rd floor. And where are the memorial proposals for these men and women? Not a damned peep!

Why aren't the American people up in arms over this outrage?


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