Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Military Recruiting Tool

According to Start and Stripes magazine, the Defense Department will soon start paying United Airlines to show a Pentagon-produced video touting life in the military. The 13-minute video will be shown during standard in-flight programming, and will feature several different military jobs, none of which are combat related. The initial program will run for about a month and will cost $36,000 dollars. The pilot program comes at a time when enlistment numbers for the Army and Marines are down.

And typically, the complaints are already starting. A professor of media ethics (if there is such a thing) at the University of Oregon has said that the military's omission of production credits on the video is unethical. "People need to realize that they are being advertised to," he says. This just months after several college and universities lost their bid to keep military recruiters off of their campuses.

Hmm, am I missing something? Aren't we at war? Like much of the media, the left-wing whiner's on our nation's campuses are doing all they can to impede and interfere with the mission of America's military. Every American should learn about what our servicemembers really do, and how they go about serving our nation. And young men and women should consider the military as a viable job option. Only then can we protect this nation and her interests around the world.


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