Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Homeland Security Tipping-Off Mexican Authorities

In the continuing battle between the Department of Homeland Security and The Minutemen, volunteers who patrol the Mexican border and report illegal border crossings, a new low has been reached. There are new accusations that the DoHS has been giving the Mexican authorities the positions of Minuteman patrols. Apparently, DoHS is trying to reassure Mexico that the rights of migrants are being protected. In the past, DoHS has encouraged illegal immigrants to file complaints against the Minutemen for incidents of "abuse."

That's comforting. Our own government now appears to be helping Mexico send illegal aliens our way! The Mexican Government openly encourages illegal immigration into the U.S., providing illegal aliens with maps and limited protection by the (totally corrupt) military. They have also demanded that the U.S. do more to protect the illegals, suchs as providing food and water along popular crossing points. And now we're helping them?

A recent poll showed that more than 70% of Americans feel that our border enforcement has been "grossly inadequate," while less than 20% feel that the the U.S. is making a "real effort" to enforce immigration laws. Clearly, we are at a point where this matter has to be addressed by our elected officials. We must close the border, by whatever means necessary, and only then can we deal with the illegal immigrants that are already here.


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