Friday, July 21, 2006

National Guard On Mexifornia Border

The Army Times reports that the National Guard mission to help secure the southern border with Mexico is nearing full strength. Now if we could only give them a legitimate mission, like, say, actually closing the border or building a fence that will actually keep people out.

Maybe then there wouldn't be stories like this, courtesy of Michelle Malkin.

Or this story, from The Conservative Voice, about the Border Patrol seizing over a million pounds of narcotics in the last nine months, alone. That's almost enough for a Hollywood party!

Here's a report from ICE about the increase in smuggling of counterfeit pharmaceuticals into the U.S..

We do, however, need more stories like this one, about Customs officials arresting illegal aliens attempting to access Fort Bragg, North Carolina, one of our most critical bases in the GWOT.

And it seems that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's appeal among Hispanic voters has taken a dive, lately. Apparently, they don't like his support of the Minuteman Project. We'll have to wait and see if Arnie caves in to gets the Hispanic vote, or if he sticks to his guns and does the right thing for all of America.

Maybe we need more cities like Hazelton, Pa., which I discussed in this post: Cities Take On Illegal Immigration. And here's another post about the subject: Close The Border Already!

Maybe President Bush is waiting for another Pearl Harbor moment to galvanize the country and finally do the right thing, Hispanic votes be damned. And maybe it won't be too late.


Blogger MajorDad said...

Wow...for me, this is a tough one to get my brain around. On one hand, I'm glad that we're finally getting interested in securing our own borders...but on the other, I don't like the idea of using our armed forces to do the enforcement.

Now...why on Earth would I say something like that? It's been my experience and that of others I talk with that "peacekeeping" and "humanitarian assistance" missions often take the edge off of what it takes units months to accomplish in training. While we might be seeing a great deal of "mixed" missions in both Afghanistan and Iraq, I'd rather see our guys and girls concentrate on what we've kept them on hand kill people and break things. Asking a soldier to turn the "switch" on and off isn't fair or horribly caring for the boots on the ground.

Our taxes are going to pay for a border enforcement agency, may it's time to take a look at the mission, the current organization, and then see where the gaps (in fences, through tunnels, etc) can be plugged with either more border forces...or technology. Let's allow our brave men and women in uniform prepare for the missions they have in front of them where "combat" training will keep them alive and hopefully ensure we're seeing fewer and fewer remains coming in through Dover AFB.

While I'm quite sure that the military's flexible enough to handle ANYTHING thrown at it, this mission's one I'd rather not see them involved in for a long stretch of time.

See you on the high ground...


5:52 PM  
Blogger Cop the Truth said...

Excellent input, and I completely agree. I would much rather see our troops getting a much-deserved rest and training to carry out their primary missions, whatever those may be. I concur that their is nothing that those wonderful troops can't do, but border patrol is best left to those trained to do it.
That being said, no one seems to want to give the border patrol the resources and support it needs to do the job. If The FedGov would fully support that mission, we could have the border controlled-and our troops out of there-in a relatively short period of time.
Let's hope that realization comes soon, so that we can close our borders, protect all Americans, and get our troops off the border.
Thanks for your comment!

7:04 PM  
Blogger Bushwack said...

Cop, I see y'all discuss this stuff too. I did wonder what some of the law enforcement community thought about it. since you guys have to deal with the lack of security at the border first.
Something has to be done and if the guard helps with the security for a short time until a "Real force and solution can be put in place" fine.
However I don't see a plan yet that will work.
An invasion and take over of the corrupt Mexican government might help.
short of that we are pissing in the wind. again IMO.

10:52 PM  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Maybe President Bush is waiting for another Pearl Harbor moment to galvanize the country and finally do the right thing..........Gosh, I sure hope not!..that would b half passed late. good post!.:)

8:17 PM  

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