Friday, April 28, 2006

First Australian Casualty

Private Jacob Kovco, from the Sydney, Australia, based 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, arrived home today, after delays when his body was misplacedin Kuwait. And making things even more confusing for his family and fellow Aussies, the cause of his death was recently changed. It had been initially reported that he had committed suicide, but now sources are saying that it was an accidental shooting. An investigation is continuing.

Admirably, the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, while denying a cover-up, accepted full blame for the death of Kovco. "He died in Iraq. He died as part of a military mission for which the government and me-I in particular-accept full responsibility." Wow! That, ladies and gentleman, is called leadership.

We need our allies, especially those as steadfast and resolute as Australia. Private Kovco, we hope that you and your family find peace.


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