Monday, May 29, 2006

Warrior News

The Army News Service reports that the Post Office in Newville, PA., got a new name today. It was re-named in honor of Medal of Honor winner SFC Randy Shugart, an SOF Operator who gave his life in Mogadishu in 1993. (Randy Shugart Post Office ) Mike Durant is scheduled to speak at the dedication ceremony.

Marine Sgt. Jeremiah Workman gets Navy Cross. More heroism most Americans will never hear about.( Navy Cross Story )

Speaking of heroes that the press refuses to acknowledge, here's a site that lists combat decorations for the last few years, including the MoH, DSC, SS and BS. Great stuff. (Hall Of Heroes)

More great things from Michelle Malkin this Memorial Day. (Michelle Malkin: REMEMBER )

And finally, a prayer for Sgt. Patrick Stewart, who died when his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan last September, and his family. Stewart, a Wiccan, cannot be listed on war memorials because the government does not recognize his religion. The Reno, Nevada, trooper was a 12 year veteran, with combat service in Afghanistan and the Gulf War, part 1, and winner of the Bronze Star, Air Medal and Purple Heart. Hopefully, the government will do the right thing and officially recognize this warrior. ( Sgt. Patrick Stewart)


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