Friday, April 28, 2006

WTF? The Star-Spangled Banner in Spanish??

It's not bad enough that U.S. border policy is an absolute joke, and that the problem, which politicians refuse to address, gets worse every day. It gets worse when the people that came here illegally, in violation of our laws, stage illegal protests, refuse to go to school/work and threaten to "tie-up" the country on march 1st. It's sickening that these same people want to suffer no punishment for their actions, and, in fact, are calling anyone who suspends Latinos who leave work/school on March 1st, "racist." Now they are releasing the Star-Spangled Spanish, no less! AOL News - 'Star-Spangled Banner' in Spanish Draws Criticism

Are you kidding me? The song, called "Nuestro Himno" or "Our Anthem" will be released Friday, and the promoters are urging Hispanic radio stations across the country to play it at 7 p.m. to show "solidarity".

It's time for the rank and file of this country, who have largely remained silent about the immigration debate, to stand up and demand that our government do something, anything! The walk-outs on March 1st, and things like this anthem, only encourage more illegal immigration, pushing the system past the already reached breaking point. We must close the border and stop illegal immigration into this country immediately.

And if you want a Spanish version of the anthem, feel free to write one...for Mexico!


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