Friday, May 05, 2006

Patrick Kennedy: Chip Off The Old Block

U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) said today that he would enter rehabilitatioin for prescription drug abuse in light of yesterday mornings run-in with Capitol Hill Police. Police stopped Kennedy when they saw him driving erratically, without lights at 3am, near the Capitol. Kennedy was detained after he struck a barricade. Responding officers observed that he staggered, had slurred speech and watery eyes...but they were ordered not to investigate by Capitol Hill Police Supervisors. It was Kennedy's second auto accident in three weeks.

Kennedy apparently made only one comment to police: "I'm on my way to the capitol for a vote." He is obviously aware of the "I can do what ever I want" law that frees House Reps. from prosecution if they are acting in conjunction with their office. Clearly, one more Kennedy more concerned with his own image and future than anything else. His Father, Sen. Ted Kennedy, once left a woman to drown at the bottom of a pond while he crawled home to sober up before calling the police.

The younger Kennedy has a history of depression, alcoholism and drug abuse, and, as recently as February, was in drug and alcohol rehab. In his statement today, he said that he had been in bed, but remembers nothing of driving or being stopped by police. He has also said that he had not been drinking. However, at least one witness has reported that he was in a bar drinking before the accident. An investigation is apparently ongoing.

Sadly, Capitol Hill Police Supervisors blocked the investigation and gave Kennedy a ride home, which is just as disgraceful as Kennedy's actions and attempted explanation. The D.C. power people are not exempt from the law, and indeed, should be held to a much higher standard. People like Kennedy and McKinney need to be arrested and prosecuted, as should anyone else under the same circumstances.

These people are running our country, folks! They are loaded on drugs and alcohol, they batter police officers and demand special privilege, they accept bribes and favor and we continue to vote them into office! Americans need to demand an end to this disgraceful behavior by their elected representatives. Whatever happened to oath of office? To honesty and decency and goodness? You won't find it in Kennedy's office.


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