Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Great American Boycott 2006?

Monday's "Day Without Immigrants" rallied approximately 1 million people across the nation, and even lead to the temporary closing of the U.S./Mexico border crossing station in San Diego. And while supporters are calling the event a "success," it seems to me that the whole thing totally backfired. Illegal immigrants carrying Mexican flags, shouting in Spanish and protesting American immigration policy is supposed to garner support for their cause? I think not. To me, the whole thing sounds like extortion. Their threat is clear: give us complete amnesty for coming here illegally, don't close the border and let us do whatever else we want, or we'll tie up your cities, states and economy. Feeling sympathetic yet?

How about this for a motto: "Today we march, tomorrow we vote!" Really? Last time I checked, illegal aliens can't vote here. It's another threat, this time directed at the policy makers considering revamping the immigration and border policies: "vote the way we want you to, or Mexicans will vote you out of office!" And you know that the politicians are listening because that's the reason the whole damned situation has gone unchecked for so long! Any attempts to close the border or control/stop illegal immigration are met with the "racism" label. And in an election year? Extortion, plain and simple.

Now it's time for the rest of America to speak up! We need to make out voices heard. We need to close the border immediately and stop illegal aliens from flocking here by the tens-of-thousands. We need a guest worker program that will let aliens, who come here legally and follow our laws, work here and eventually become citizens...after they learn to speak English. And we need to make it illegal for employers to hire undocumented aliens, which will help encourage and reward legal immigration. And we need to vote into office politicians who will stand up and do the right thing for this country and her future.


Blogger business voodoo said...

since nation-state boundaries are so arbitrary and will change after this nation has its fall, much like the roman empire ... this is probably only an issue for another 7-20 years ... and, honestly, is a relatively small one only for people who fear things like the communists and muslims and anyone who does not look or sound like them.

bottom line is: we are all human beings ... the person next to you is your neighbor ... you have a choice -- love him or not. respect him, or not. live with him or not.

because the truth is ... we do not own the earth and to carve it up into this piece and that piece only serves to create separation of the people so that we can have the politicans and corporate control of america we have today.

truth is ... like most everyone else ... that i was born here was strictly by happenstance ... it doesn't make me more privileged or more human or more anything than someone who was say born 1500 miles south or 500 miles north of me.

our principles are that everyone is allowed to pursue happiness ... denying that for anyone else, denies it for me.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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