Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Congress Finally Agrees!!!

I know what you're thinking....

They agreed on a pay raise for our military, so they don't have to live at the poverty level or use food stamps to feed their kids, right?

Now that would be something, but sadly, no.

OK, they agreed to close the northern and southern borders and revamp our immigration policies so that people cannot come here illegally, and if they are here illegally already, cannot get a job, right?

Well, also important, but again, no.

Well then, they must have agreed to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and actually work together for once to accomplish something that actually has meaning for Americans everywhere, right? Please say yes!

Um. No.

They agreed (drumroll, please!) to give themselves a pay raise!!! Read it again. A cost of living pay raise of $3,300.00 a year, bringing their yearly salary to nearly $170,000.00. Now, raise your hand if you know a Special Forces soldier patrolling the mountains of Afghanistan looking for bin Laden that makes $170,000 a year. Or a street cop, working odd hours. Or a teacher, trying to help our children. Or firemen. Or truck drivers, or nurses, or anyone else who busts their hump to make this country great.

A cost of living pay raise, and for what? Do they actually do anything? I mean something besides driving drunk, or hitting cops, or taking bribes. I mean something substantive that helps the economy, or keeps us all safer, or saves social security.

And they wonder why voter turnout is so low. Absolutely amazing!


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