Tuesday, June 20, 2006

McKinney Not Out Of The Woods Yet

OK, the grand jury won't indict, the U.S. Attorney is gutless also...now it's our turn! The U.S. Capitol Police Labor Committee is demanding that the House Ethics Committee review Rep. Cynthia McKinney's conduct. Andrew Maybo, Chairman of the USCP Labor Committee apparently feels that U.S. Representatives should "conduct themselves at all times in a manner which shall reflect creditably on the House of representatives."

Huh. He must be new.

But there's more. Now, the Fraternal Order of Police is getting involved, as well. Just last month, the FOP released a statement that all "political policing on Capitol Hill must end." The press released followed the special treatment that House Dems. McKinney and Patrick Kennedy received after their little booboos. The FOP will now send a letter to the House Ethics Committee in hopes of gaining sanctions against Congresswoman McKinney. In case you're wondering, the FOP is the largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers in the world.

See folks, it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings. Oh, wait.... the fat won't be singing when it's over! Yes, that's it.

Here's more: Patrick Kennedy: Chip Off The Old Block; Another Democrat Skates; Adam Henry: Rep. Cynthia McKinney


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for that wonderful info. I am a first time reader of your blog, and have gone back and read almost all. Love your writing skills and agree with you on every topic. Thank your for serving our great Country. Only 1 thing, ban the rap music from your home. I did, they thought I was kidding until the rap cds got busted, literally. My son's are now grown, and do not listen to that crap and now agree with me.

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