Wednesday, May 31, 2006

That'll Teach Her!

Michelle Rodrgiuez, star (?) of the tv series LOST, was released from jail early today after serving only one day of her two month jail sentence. Rodriguez was arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii while on probation in Los Angeles for drunk driving and hit-and-run. She was released early due to jail crowding, which did not please the LA County DA's Office.

She probably had to eat a sack lunch though....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Warrior News

The Army News Service reports that the Post Office in Newville, PA., got a new name today. It was re-named in honor of Medal of Honor winner SFC Randy Shugart, an SOF Operator who gave his life in Mogadishu in 1993. (Randy Shugart Post Office ) Mike Durant is scheduled to speak at the dedication ceremony.

Marine Sgt. Jeremiah Workman gets Navy Cross. More heroism most Americans will never hear about.( Navy Cross Story )

Speaking of heroes that the press refuses to acknowledge, here's a site that lists combat decorations for the last few years, including the MoH, DSC, SS and BS. Great stuff. (Hall Of Heroes)

More great things from Michelle Malkin this Memorial Day. (Michelle Malkin: REMEMBER )

And finally, a prayer for Sgt. Patrick Stewart, who died when his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan last September, and his family. Stewart, a Wiccan, cannot be listed on war memorials because the government does not recognize his religion. The Reno, Nevada, trooper was a 12 year veteran, with combat service in Afghanistan and the Gulf War, part 1, and winner of the Bronze Star, Air Medal and Purple Heart. Hopefully, the government will do the right thing and officially recognize this warrior. ( Sgt. Patrick Stewart)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bonds (Unfortunately) Tops Ruth

I'm a huge baseball fan and always have been. I played little league, but my brother was the all-star while I usually chased bumblebees out in right field. I even founf a four-leaf clover once. Our mother would spend all day at the ballpark with us, keeping score for our games, then working the concession stand the rest of the day. We grew up watching the Dodgers in the Garvey-Lopes-Russell-Cey-Yeager era, and I became (I thought) a life-long fan.

I lost sight of baseball for awhile during the last strike, but was promptly brought back by the great Cal Ripken Jr. and an Angels win in the World Series. The rumors of steroids and rampant cheating were all over by then, but not a word from MLB. It seems that there is no doubt that players like Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco and Barry Bonds all used them. And, of course, they all lied about it. I guess the money was too good to stand up for what was right. The usual big corporation approach.

Bonds hit number homerun 715 at today, moving ahead of the great Babe Ruth and closing on the legendary Hank Aaron. I think it's sad that this cheater, liar and drug abuser is still playing, and may ultimately hold one of baseball's most prestigious records. MLB will "investigate" but we all know that nothing will be done. Bonds and his like hit the long ball and bring in fans, so MLB will keep looking the other way. And sadly, the players who don't cheat will suffer. And so will the fans.

Friday, May 26, 2006

MSM Flubs It Again

A false alarm lead to the closing of a House office building for hours Friday, after Rep. Jim Saxton reported hearing gunfire. Capitol Police and the FBI searched and found nothing, leaving the source of the sounds a mystery.

But the real story here is how the mainstream media handled the event. I happened to be watching the much-vaunted Fox News, and they stayed with the coverage for hours, even when there was nothing to report. Then the "experts" chimed in. In the span of an hour, CT "professionals" had explained all of the security procedures to the building, and the underground parking garages, on live television. They then outlined the procedures that the SWAT teams would be following as they conducted searches, and how they would use "codewords" when clearing civilians from the building. Amazing.

When a Capitol Hill PIO made attempts at a impromptu press conference, she was screamed at by dozens of reporters, shouting over each other, who barely listened to her responses. They dared her to deny "eyewitness reports" of a shooting/suspect that never even existed. Later, one reporter complained that he "had to do his job!" and the cops weren't helping matters.

Of course, this is nothing new. The arrogance of the mainstream, 24 hour-a-day-coverage news channels is incedible. They have a complete lack of journalistic integrity and no apparent interest in the truth. They simply want to get something, anything, on the air before their counterparts at the Clinton News Network. Since the big TV news stations went to 24 hour a day coverage, they are desperate for stories to fill their air time. The casualty, of course, is the truth.

The news media claims to be the "watchdog" of the police, the military, big business and the government...but who watches over them? Their reporters skulk around, digging for that one "confidential" tip or piece of information that they can drop on live television, without a care for that Infantry trooper or intel operative out there in the boonies, risking his/her butt. We, as consumers, have to be selective in choosing our news sources. Let's demand that they get it right.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Congress Blasts the VA

The recent theft of an VA employees iPod that had personal information for some 26.5 million veterans on it could cost the government $500 million dollars, or even more. Incredibly, VA Secretary Jim Nicholson told Congress that his office couldn't even "get a hold of 26.5 million envelopes" to notify affected veterans. Stars & Stripes story

Memorial Day....I Remember

In 1982, as a bright-eyed young Army paratrooper, I went to Washington, D.C., with a fellow trooper for the weekend. The Vietnam Veterans War memorial was about to be dedicated, so we grabbed our Class A's, jump boots and berets and drove north from Ft. Bragg, having done no prior planning (always a mistake!) and not really knowing what to expect. When we got there, we went to several hotels, but were turned away again and rooms at the inn. We were tired and at a loss as to what to do next. So, we improvised....we found a restroom, changed into our Class A's, and tried again. It wasn't long before a high-ranking government employee heard our predicament, and, responding to our uniforms, found us a suite....on his dime.That's when we first knew it was going to be a special few days.

The next day, again in dress uniform, we went over to the park where the wall was to be dedicated. It was uncomfortable at first, two eighteen year old "cherries" amidst all those seasoned combat veterans, but we were soon surrounded by groups of them who wanted to talk to us. Everywhere we went, lines formed, as if we were being honored, rather then they. We were constantly (and goodnaturedly) quizzed (What's your fourth point-of-contact, trooper?), razzed (DROP, troopers!!) and teased (jumpers, HIT IT!), and were bombarded with invitations to that evenings score of parties, dinners and events. The ceremony itself was somber, cold and rainy, but there was also a feeling of closeness and resolution. I must have hugged about two hundred grizzled, unshaved, pot-bellied vets that day, dressed in various combinations of camo fatigues, and my pockets were stuffed with addresses, phone numbers and business cards.

Before leaving to make the long trip back to Bragg, we went to Arlington National cemetery. I defy any American who has ever worn the uniform of this nation to go there and not feel it in the gut. We stopped by to say hello to Audie Murphy, and noted that he had to many medals that they couldn't fit all the major ones on his headstone. We went to the Tomb of the Unknowns for the changing of the guard, and as many people were staring at us as were watching the rituals of the "Old Guard." We spoke to some of the 3rd Infantry soldiers before finally hitting the road. The drive home was long and quiet, but those few days reaffirmed my decision to enlist and serve my country.

Looking back, I now know that the veterans that day felt the same kinship for us as I feel when I say our troopers of today. It's been a long and bloody road that will only get longer as our young country grows. We have to remember these brave men and women, not just on Memorial Day, but everyday. It's on their sacrifice and devotion that country was founded, and we should never forget.

As you can see, I remember. Do you?

China Going Deep

Experts are reporting that China is spending in excess of 1 billion dollars a year to beef up it's long-range warfighting ability, specifically aircraft and missiles. While much of China's military is antiquated and, technologically speaking, still on a level with the 1950's, that's expected to change in the next 3-5 years. With their new efforts to improve their air power, China will be an even bigger threat to Taiwan-and Japan-and ready to control all of the air and water in the East China and Phillipine seas. Which, of course, would force us to commit forces in defense of our allies, especially Japan. India is also reportedly investing in its military, and will soon have a very powerful navy, (thanks to purchases from Russia, and they, also, are investing heavily in air and missile power, to the tune of some 95 billion dollars over the next 15 years. Since Russia is providing Indoa with new weapons systems, their neighbors in Pakistan have been countering with new technology and weapons systems from China and France.

New arms race, anyone??

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bin Laden Plays Public Defender

Osama bin Hidin' poked his head above ground again to let his followers know that he's still alive and, apparently, paying attention to current events. In a tape released Tuesday, bin Laden said that Zacarias Moussaoui was not intended to be one of the 9/11 hijackers, and knew nothing of the plot. Counterterrorism officials were still reviewing the tape, but said that it appeared authentic. Just his way of letting us know that he's still around.

Notice to All Veterans

The Veterans Administration reported yesterday that the personal information (names, dates of birth and social security numbers) of some 26.5 military veterans was stolen recently when a (former) employee took home a laptop computer with the restricted information on, and promptly had it stolen. This major boo-boo makes every veteran who served since 1973 at risk for identity theft. Thank you, government!

ALL veterans should visit for information on how to monitor their credit and report discrepancies.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The House Gets One Right (Whew!)

Last week, the House (finally) acted to restrict demonstrations at military funerals. The move was aimed, in part, at a Kansas "church group," which would attend the funerals and spout anti-gay rhetoric, carry signs and verbally abuse the families of the slain soldiers. The group insists that military deaths are a punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuals. And in the "you-gotta-love-it" category, a group known as "The Patriot Guard Riders" began attending the funerals as well, acting as a buffer between the military families and the (assholes) protesters. Gotta love those bikers.

But this one's a no-brainer. The next time a Ranger, or SEAL, or Green Beanie is buried, and these (assholes) protesters show up, let's just turn our backs, cover our eyes and count to ten. The teammates of the lost trooper will do the rest.

Natalie Maines: Open Mouth Insert Other Foot

As we all know, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks insulted President Bush, (and all of us), during a concert in London before the start of Gulf War Part Deux. She later offered a half-hearted, yet utterly unbelievable apology, during the ensuing fervor. Well she still hasn't learned folks, because now, just days before the release of the Chicks new album, she's withdrawing the apology. In the new issue of Time magazine, she actually said that she doesn't think "he is owed any respect whatsoever", while referring to the President. (For the Time story, see Link).

Bandmate Martie Maguire readily agrees. She says the Chicks "don't want those kind of fans"; the kind, apparently, that love their country and respect other people, whether you agree with them or not. The Chicks take another shot at Toby Keith in the interview, and don't seem to like Reba McEntire much, either.

Now personally, I don't care what these morons have to say. They obviously don't live in my America-the one at war with terrorists and people who want to wipe us off the face of the Earth-and that's fine. But there's more to the story than that. This isn't some idiot celebrity with a big mouth, although Maines certainly is that. This is a planned anti-American position that the Chicks are presenting to the world, one they seem to be proud of. They go overseas and insult all of America in front of our allies, on the eve of war, and then come home and want us to buy their pathetic music for $20 a CD. Now they feel that cranking up the rhetoric again might boost sales of their new album. Unbelievable.

We all have sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, loved ones and friends, risking their lives everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan,. And yes, they are even defending the Dixie Pigs. Now go buy a Toby or Reba CD, and leave the Chicks on the shelf.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thanks, Italy!

Today's issue of Star and Stripes reports that the Italian Ambassador, his wife, and the entire Italian diplomatic corps hosted a dinner at the Italian Embassy Friday night for wounded American soldiers from local hospitals. The veterans were treated to a reception line, music and of course, great food. Maybe the French will host one next month. Nah, I'm just kidding!

Sen. McCain Unwelcome in New York

Senator John McCain, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2008, received boos and hisses as he gave a commencement speech in New York yesterday. Some 2,700 students, plus faculty and family, attended the event at The New School University. Recently, some 1,500 students and faculty signed a petition asking the university president to withdraw McCain's invitation, saying that he "does not reflect the ideals upon which this university was founded".

Let's see....U.S. Naval Academy graduate, career Naval officer and pilot, shot down and POW for 5 1/2 years, hmmm...Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross, long-time Senator....supporter of our troops at every turn, and one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. And yes, I've met him. If he doesn't reflect the ideals of your university, your school is in the wrong damned country!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pat Robertson Speaks to God!

Robertson has been on a roll the last few weeks, making several predictions on his show "The 700 Club", which airs on the Christian Broadcasting Network. Robertson said that God told him that storms-and possibly a tsunami-will ravage America's coasts in 2006. I know it's like 80 here today, but I'm wearing my poncho and golashes, just in case!

Adam Henry: Ward Churchill

The tenured University of Colorado Ethnic Studies Professor who compared the 9/11 victims to the Nazi war criminals, incurring the wrath of Fox News hotshots Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, has been recommended for suspension or termination by an investigative committee. Churchill has been on leave for the past year, while the citizens of Colorado continue to pay his approximately $100,000 a year salary. The accusations against him include academic fraud, plagiarism, fabrications and outright misconduct. A decision on his future with the university will be made later this year and you can expect Churchill to file a lawsuit immediately thereafter.

Churchill in the past has claimed to be affiliated with the Black Panthers and AIM, says he taught terrorism to the Weathermen, and wrote a book entitled, in part, Reflections on the Consequences of U.S. Imperial Arrogance and Criminality (in which, he claims that America got what it deserved on 9/11 for bullying the rest of the world for so long).

And this scumbag is teaching at an American university! We'll see if the university has the courage to fire him but I wouldn't count on it. Ward Churchill is definitely an Adam Henry!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Marry Me Michelle Malkin!

To hear Michelle's latest rant as she connects the 9/11 hijackers to illegal immigration, visit Michelle Malkin: 9-11 AND 7-11. I just wish the White House was listening!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

President To Close Borders...Or Not

President Bush announced last night that he will send 5,000 National Guard troops to assist the Border Patrol in stemming the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. Talk about a complete waste of time, effort and money! This "plan" is set up to fail. It seems to me it's like using a bandaid to staunch the flow of blood after a Florida gator takes a few bites.

Consider this: the troops will be unarmed, have no powers of arrest, and will not detain aliens. They can, however, stand and point. And anyone who has served in the military knows that for a force of 5,000, only a limited number will actually be in the field. Included in that 5,000 are cooks to feed the troops, mail clerks, pay and personnel specialists, TOC's (Tactical Operations Center), communications specialists, engineers, vehicle maintenance and command staffs. How many of 5,000 does that leave? Then, put into, say, three shifts seven days a week, minus sick call, injuries, leave, training and unit shortages, how many troops will actually be on the border at any given hour? And how big is the border again? And, when these troopers find aliens, they still have to get the Border Patrol to respond, which is a major part of the problem anyway: there aren't enough to effectively do the job!

On the other hand, the Mexican military and police, who are heavily involved in drug (and people) smuggling are armed, and have no qualms about shooting at our people! This is the same problem we had in Iraq: we'll send enough to mess things up completely but not enough to be do the job effectively. The Bush administration still hasn't learned anything, folks! This is their attempt at appeasement, nothing more. And all the rhetoric about a path to citizenship amounts to one word: AMNESTY! Amnesty, which 80% of Americans oppose. Amnesty, which Pres. Reagan tried in 1986, failing miserably. Amnesty, which will lead to even more illegal immigration.

When will our Government get the message? Close the borders, immediately and effectively, and stop the flood. Then, and only then, we can decide what to do with those illegals already here.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

National Police Week

Respect. Honor. Remember.

National Police Week kicked off this past weekend with the adding of 488 new names to the Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C., including 155 officers who died in the line of duty in 2005. Each of those officers raised their hand and took an oath to protect and serve their country, and their loss is felt by everyone in the law enforcement community. Events are taking place around the country, and everyone is encouraged to get involved.

To make a donation or visit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund gift shop, visit law enforcement: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund - police, cops, fallen heroes. And don't be afraid to offer up a word of thanks when you see your local officers in your neighborhoods, cities and counties. They deserve that, and so much more.

The NSA and "Data-Mining"

I'm amazed at the furor over the recent USA Today piece that reported that the No Such Agency (National Security Agency) is collecting domestic phone call records to look for patterns that might be related to terrorism. Amazed not by the fact that they are doing it, but rather by everyone's reaction to the news. How could this surprise anyone? Isn't that the NSA's job? To gather intel and protect us from attack? And how do our representatives respond? Rep. Nancy Pelosi called it "alarming." Sen. Diane Feinstein said the news will "interfere with the confirmation" of a new CIA Director. Sen. Patrick Leahy wants to know how the Government can "justify the illegal spying upon millions of ordinary Americans."

And these people, many of whom are also against closing our southern border and beefing up our military, are protecting our country? Shouldn't we be doing everything that we possibly can to catch these people before they wipe out another 3,000 of us? After 9-11, these same people chatised the President for not doing enough to prevent the attacks, and now that he is doing more, he's wrong again! You'll never hear me say that the aftermath of 9-11 has been an overwhelming success, or that our Government has performed perfectly, but this is one that they got right. And typically, the left (see above) is more concerned about embarrassing the President and the Republicans for political gain (it's an election year, folks!) than they are about the safety of all of us. Where is the Democrats plan to protect America?

It seems that the real story here is the way the media is performing in a post 9-11 era. The bias of a generally left-leaning media has never been more apparent. They are quick to discuss the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, happy to list the numbers of the dead and wounded, and they joyfully publish the details of classified national security issues, all designed to embarrass the President. But where are the stories about Medal of Honor winner Paul Smith? Or the stories about the schools being rebuilt by American Engineers? Of the American police officers who recently went to Iraq after collecting thousands of pieces of used police equipment to donate to Iraqi Police Officers?

And what about the timing of the USA Today piece? The same week that a new CIA Director has just been recommended for confirmation. Hmm. Clearly, the mainstream media in America is more interested in their own goals and points-of-view than they are in reporting the truth. Let's hope that America is smart enough to see through the fog and make up their own minds about these critical issues.

Mother's Day and Family Values

I've been thinking for some time about family values, or the lack thereof, in these United States. Having a kid in high school really opens your eyes to what kids are thinking and doing in this age of MTV, gang violence, single-parent homes and rap music. I drop my son off at school and see how the other kids are dressed, their Ipod headphones jammed firmly in their ears, fingers texting away on their cell-phones. I watch the parents drop these kids off, and, as soon as Mom or Dad are out of sight, the kid turns around and walks off campus to do who-knows-what. And I can't help but wonder if I, too, am that far out of touch with modern-day America.

In San Diego, the city is being sued to remove a giant cross that's part of a Veteran's Memorial that has been in place for some fifty years. Protesters across the country carry Mexican flags rather than American ones. There's no Christmas in schools, but rather, a "Winter break." It seems like old-fashioned Americans with family-values are the bad guys even here at home.

I try to teach family-values to my kid, but it seems that the lessons go right out the window as soon as he gets to school and he is back among his peers. I lost the battle to keep rap music (and all the sex, drug and violence related lyrics) out of my house, and I talk to him every chance I get about the pitfalls of smoking, drugs, gangs, and going outside at all, but I wonder how successful I will ultimately be. Only time will tell, I suppose.

But we have to keep fighting the good fight, the fight to protect our kids from child predators, to keep gang members and drug dealers out of their schools, to teach them the value of hard work and the love of family and good friends. TV is not there friend and what happens there is not real. Ditto for Eminem and "artists" of his ilk. In this day and age, the virtues of honor, loyalty, courage, patriotism and honesty are more important than ever. These kids will be running the country one day, and that's a scary thing, indeed.

So happy Mother's Day, to those of you that have earned it. My Mother has passed away but not a day goes by that I don't think of her and wish she were still with us. She raised my siblings and I right, and hopefully I can carry on the tradition.

Friday, May 12, 2006

U.S. Troops to Finally Close Border?

President Bush will make a major speech about border security on Monday night, which will be broadcat by all major networks. According to some reports, the President will (finally) announce a plan to shore up our southern border with National Guard troops, paid for by the federal government. Initial estimates of the number of troops involved are between 3,500 to 10,000. Governors of border states were split on the idea, with Richardson (NM) and Schwarzenegger(CA) against, and Napolitano (AZ) and Perry (TX) in favor.

While I applaud the fact that the President is finally doing something to stem the flow of illegal aliens into this country, I don't know that the National Guard is the best way to go. First, our military is already stretched to the breaking point, and many National Guard soldiers have just returned to their full-time jobs after lengthy tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. They need to rest and train so that they are ready to perform their primary mission. NG troops moving into border enforcement would also have to be trained, and violent confrontations with Mexican police and military, who freelance by protecting alien crossing and drug runs, will surely ensue.

We do need to overhaul our immigration policy, and I'm glad to see that the President is finally getting the message that Americans overwhelmingly want the southern border closed. But using the NG to perform that duty must be a short-term solution, at best. Let's put the troops there while we construct new barriers that will prevent illegal entry. Then we can add new Border Patrol Agents, technology and whatever else is necessary to ensure that it stays closed. When we've stopped more from coming in, then we can figure out what to do with the 12 million that are already here. And then we can give our troops the rest and honor that they've earned.

Dixie Chicks: Another Boycott

At a March 10, 2003, concert in London, England, The Dixie Chicks took the stage at the pinnacle of their music careers. At least, until lead singer Natalie Maines opened her piehole. "Just so you know," she told the crown, which included some American Servicemen, "we're ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas." The remark was made as the U.S. and Great Britain were on the verge of war with Iraq (France, Germany and Russia). The comment enraged many fans, caused radio stations to remove the group from their playlists, and sent the "Chicks" into hiding.

Now I suppose you could file the whole thing under "stupid celebrities and their idiotic comments" and flush the "Chicks" down the same toilet as Sean Penn, but the fact that they made the comment in front of our staunchest allies, and not here at home, really pisses me off. If you don't like U.S. policy, feel free to protest legally and peacefully. If you don't like the President, feel free to say so. After all, our brothers and sisters are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to give you that freedom. But to try and embarrass our country in front of our allies on the eve of war smacks of treason to me.

And Maines still refuses to apologize and indeed, the first single from their new album is titled "Not Ready to Make Nice." Time to show these traitors that we aren't ready to forget.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More From Moussaoui

Well, folks, we're stuck with him.

Convicted-and-sentenced-to-life-scumbag Moussauoi recently asked to withdraw his guilty plea, now "convinced" that he could get a fair trial in America. U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema said that his request must be rejected, since federal rules prohibit withdrawing a guilty plea after sentence has been passed.

Since we failed to give him the death penalty, we can expect to hear more of this type of crap for a long time to come, either from Moussaoui himself, or through his appointed mouthpieces. While it doesn't really change anything at this point, I'm sure it rankles the families of those affected by the tragedy of September 11. By giving voice to his rhetoric and ramblings, we simply give him what he wants. Let's let him die as sentenced, alone in a dark hole, without the ability to hurt anyone else.

New U.N. Accusations

In his new book, The U.N. Exposed: How the United Nations Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World, Fox News reporter Eric Shawn alleges that the agency is completely corrupt and no friend to America. He discusses how Sadam Hussein bribed countries like Russia, China and France in exchange for veto votes over the use of force prior to the Iraq War (further evidence that the French are no allies of ours), which ultimately lead to the allied invasion, and how several U.N. programs, such as the "Oil for Food" fiasco are ripe with corruption and outright smuggling.

Cuba now has a seat on the Human Rights Council. Iraq was recently elected to Vice Chair of the disarmament committee, which deals with disarmament and international security. U.N. Diplomats are famous for their piles of unpaid parking tickets, totaling some $10 million dollars by some estimates, which sparked an all out war lead by Mayor Rudi Giuliani in 1997. Now we are stuck waiting for the U.N. to take some type of action against Iran for pursuing nuclear weapons, which won't happen since both Russia and China, who have veto powers, recently signed major trade deals with Iran, for arms and oil, respectively.

And this is an agency that is supposed to lead the world into the new century?

Homeland Security Tipping-Off Mexican Authorities

In the continuing battle between the Department of Homeland Security and The Minutemen, volunteers who patrol the Mexican border and report illegal border crossings, a new low has been reached. There are new accusations that the DoHS has been giving the Mexican authorities the positions of Minuteman patrols. Apparently, DoHS is trying to reassure Mexico that the rights of migrants are being protected. In the past, DoHS has encouraged illegal immigrants to file complaints against the Minutemen for incidents of "abuse."

That's comforting. Our own government now appears to be helping Mexico send illegal aliens our way! The Mexican Government openly encourages illegal immigration into the U.S., providing illegal aliens with maps and limited protection by the (totally corrupt) military. They have also demanded that the U.S. do more to protect the illegals, suchs as providing food and water along popular crossing points. And now we're helping them?

A recent poll showed that more than 70% of Americans feel that our border enforcement has been "grossly inadequate," while less than 20% feel that the the U.S. is making a "real effort" to enforce immigration laws. Clearly, we are at a point where this matter has to be addressed by our elected officials. We must close the border, by whatever means necessary, and only then can we deal with the illegal immigrants that are already here.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Violence in Iraq

Several car bombs rocked the Iraqi city of Baghdad today, killing 16 and wounding dozens. Elsewhere in Iraq, 26 others were killed or found dead, including several who appeared to have been taken away by "death squads" and murdered. A U.S. Marine was killed in Anbar province.

Perhaps even more telling was an incident yesterday in which a British Lynx helicopter was apparently brought down by an enemy rocket, killing at least five. After British troops rushed to secure the crash scene, they were greeted by a group of Iraqis who fired shots and threw rocks at them. Another larger group stood by and cheered. Five Iraqis were killed, and several more British troops were injured.

I don't know if the Iraq War was a good idea or not. The cost of human life has been terrible, and it seems sometimes that little progress has been made. Everybody has their own opinion about what the future holds, both for the allies and for Iraq. But I do believe that we have to follow through and win this thing, or else we'll be fighting the same damned people in the same damned place again in a few more years. Let's make the second time the charm and kill the people that need killing, help the people that need helping, and get the hell out of there. Then if the Iraqis decide they'd rather go back to killing each other, so be it.

New Military Recruiting Tool

According to Start and Stripes magazine, the Defense Department will soon start paying United Airlines to show a Pentagon-produced video touting life in the military. The 13-minute video will be shown during standard in-flight programming, and will feature several different military jobs, none of which are combat related. The initial program will run for about a month and will cost $36,000 dollars. The pilot program comes at a time when enlistment numbers for the Army and Marines are down.

And typically, the complaints are already starting. A professor of media ethics (if there is such a thing) at the University of Oregon has said that the military's omission of production credits on the video is unethical. "People need to realize that they are being advertised to," he says. This just months after several college and universities lost their bid to keep military recruiters off of their campuses.

Hmm, am I missing something? Aren't we at war? Like much of the media, the left-wing whiner's on our nation's campuses are doing all they can to impede and interfere with the mission of America's military. Every American should learn about what our servicemembers really do, and how they go about serving our nation. And young men and women should consider the military as a viable job option. Only then can we protect this nation and her interests around the world.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Trade Center Memorial Costs Soar

Costs for the new Trade Center memorial have nearly doubled what officials had initially wanted to spend, and are now approaching the $1 billion dollars range. Last year, building the memorial and adjacent museum, which comprise nearly seventeen acres, was estimated at $500 million dollars. However, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg said recently that costs must be capped at the original estimate. The site is expected to open in 2009. (Incidentally, the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C., cost $182 million dollars, and the Vietnam War memorial, also in Washington, cost a mere $4.2 million dollars).

Let's see; families of those that lost their lives on September 11th want a billion dollars for a memorial, and are receiving an average of $1 million dollars per lost family member. And many of them are complaining that even that is not enough.

Conversely, the spouse of a servicemember who is killed in the service of this nation gets a small death benefit (taxable), funeral costs, and a few hundred dollars a month until they remarry. A few hundred more per child, if there are any, until that child turns 18. And these are families that, in the best of times, earn below minimum wage and have to live off of food stamps. Not to mention the additional hardship of having a familymember away from home for long periods of time, the constant danger notwithstanding. Does anyone see a problem here?

$1 billion dollars for a memorial. For people who, for the most part, were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. No one can doubt the bravery and heroism of the police officers and firefighters that perished, nor can we deny the tragedy that we all suffered that day. We do need to honor their memory and remember the sacrifice of all of those lost. But to spend even $500 million dollars on this project is completely irresponsible! That money would be much better spent on Border Patrol Agents, port security or even on better gear for our troops in harms way.

Let's not lose sight of the big picture.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Patrick Kennedy: Chip Off The Old Block

U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) said today that he would enter rehabilitatioin for prescription drug abuse in light of yesterday mornings run-in with Capitol Hill Police. Police stopped Kennedy when they saw him driving erratically, without lights at 3am, near the Capitol. Kennedy was detained after he struck a barricade. Responding officers observed that he staggered, had slurred speech and watery eyes...but they were ordered not to investigate by Capitol Hill Police Supervisors. It was Kennedy's second auto accident in three weeks.

Kennedy apparently made only one comment to police: "I'm on my way to the capitol for a vote." He is obviously aware of the "I can do what ever I want" law that frees House Reps. from prosecution if they are acting in conjunction with their office. Clearly, one more Kennedy more concerned with his own image and future than anything else. His Father, Sen. Ted Kennedy, once left a woman to drown at the bottom of a pond while he crawled home to sober up before calling the police.

The younger Kennedy has a history of depression, alcoholism and drug abuse, and, as recently as February, was in drug and alcohol rehab. In his statement today, he said that he had been in bed, but remembers nothing of driving or being stopped by police. He has also said that he had not been drinking. However, at least one witness has reported that he was in a bar drinking before the accident. An investigation is apparently ongoing.

Sadly, Capitol Hill Police Supervisors blocked the investigation and gave Kennedy a ride home, which is just as disgraceful as Kennedy's actions and attempted explanation. The D.C. power people are not exempt from the law, and indeed, should be held to a much higher standard. People like Kennedy and McKinney need to be arrested and prosecuted, as should anyone else under the same circumstances.

These people are running our country, folks! They are loaded on drugs and alcohol, they batter police officers and demand special privilege, they accept bribes and favor and we continue to vote them into office! Americans need to demand an end to this disgraceful behavior by their elected representatives. Whatever happened to oath of office? To honesty and decency and goodness? You won't find it in Kennedy's office.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Moussaoui to be Extradited?

On the day that Moussaoui was formally sentenced to a 7' by 12' cell in a maximum security prison for the rest of his life, Reuters News Service reports that France might seek his extradition. Moussaoui is a French citizen, although he is Morrocan born, and his mother still lives there.

First, America doesn't have the guts to execute this piece of garbage, now we might lose custody of him to the French, who certainly are not our allies. Unbelievable! And you know that they have been lurking in the darkness, waiting to spring this on us, just one more slap in the face. It seems the French, like Americans, never learn.

You can show your disappointment with the lack of support from the French, courtesy of Bill O'Reilly, by going here Featured Links and getting a list of French companies and products to boycott.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

LtCol. Earl Woods Dies of Cancer

LtCol. Earl Woods died of cancer in his home in Cypress, Ca., today at the age of 74. Woods, a former Special Forces officer who served two tours in Vietnam was also the first black to play baseball in the Big Eight Conference. Woods was an author and perhaps most famously, a father.

Woods served alongside a Vietnamese officer who was so brave and courageous in battle that he was nicknamed "Tiger." Woods was so fond of the Vietnamese officer that he promised him he would one day name a son after him. In 1975, he had that son, naming him Eldrick.

But you probably know him better as "Tiger." If only I could be such a father.

Moussaoui Gets Life

After nearly seven days of deliberations, a jury sentenced Al Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaoui to live without the possibility of release today for his albeit small role in the events of September 11, 2001. Before leaving court, Moussaoui clapped his hands and shouted, "America, you lost....I won!"

Family members of those lost their lives that day seemed split on whether the decision was the right one. Some even speculated that the jury showed what Moussaoui did not: mercy. Mercy is a concept most Americans understand and so is the concept of justice. The jury has spoken and now, barring appeals, the verdict is final. One more chapter closed.

But what are the ramifications of this verdict on the war on the terrorism? The failure to execute Moussaoui will only be viewed as weakness by our enemies and those that wish us ill. How can we stop these people if we are not willing to impose the most severe penalty possible when they murder 3,000 of our citizens? There is no mercy for people like that...only extermination.

As for Moussaoui, let's hope he lives to a ripe old age in a prison full of men without mercy.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Great American Boycott 2006?

Monday's "Day Without Immigrants" rallied approximately 1 million people across the nation, and even lead to the temporary closing of the U.S./Mexico border crossing station in San Diego. And while supporters are calling the event a "success," it seems to me that the whole thing totally backfired. Illegal immigrants carrying Mexican flags, shouting in Spanish and protesting American immigration policy is supposed to garner support for their cause? I think not. To me, the whole thing sounds like extortion. Their threat is clear: give us complete amnesty for coming here illegally, don't close the border and let us do whatever else we want, or we'll tie up your cities, states and economy. Feeling sympathetic yet?

How about this for a motto: "Today we march, tomorrow we vote!" Really? Last time I checked, illegal aliens can't vote here. It's another threat, this time directed at the policy makers considering revamping the immigration and border policies: "vote the way we want you to, or Mexicans will vote you out of office!" And you know that the politicians are listening because that's the reason the whole damned situation has gone unchecked for so long! Any attempts to close the border or control/stop illegal immigration are met with the "racism" label. And in an election year? Extortion, plain and simple.

Now it's time for the rest of America to speak up! We need to make out voices heard. We need to close the border immediately and stop illegal aliens from flocking here by the tens-of-thousands. We need a guest worker program that will let aliens, who come here legally and follow our laws, work here and eventually become citizens...after they learn to speak English. And we need to make it illegal for employers to hire undocumented aliens, which will help encourage and reward legal immigration. And we need to vote into office politicians who will stand up and do the right thing for this country and her future.

American Hero: Leigh Ann Hester

Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester, a National Guard MP from Bowling Green, Ky., was the first woman to receive the Silver Star for heroism, the nation's third highest award for valor, since WWII. She was awarded the Silver Star for combat action outside Baghdad, Iraq, in 2004, when she rushed to the aid of a convoy that had just been attacked. The MP patrol she was leading was soon facing a superior force of about 40 insurgents, armed with RPG's and automatic weapons.

As they stopped their vehicles to assist the ambushed convoy, Sgt. Hester's squad was immediately overcome by fire. Sgt. Hester helped lead the counter-attack, firing her M203 grenade launcher and M4 carbine, and killing at least three of the terrorists. When the fight was over, nearly thirty insurgents were dead, and several more were wounded or taken prisoner. The American troops had suffered only three casualties, none of which proved life-threatening.

Sgt. Hester and two other members of her patrol received Silver Stars, while the remaining men were awarded Bronze Stars. Sgt. Hester's decoration was the first ever awarded to a female soldier fighting the enemy, but it probably won't be the last.